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Sandstone Cleaning

Welcome to my sandstone cleaning services in Sydney east and inner west areas, ive been cleaning sandstone since 1991 i was 21 back then when i started, over time you have a better understanding of how best to clean various types of sandstone and the various methods available on the market, most commonly i can get away with using low pressure water cleaning to remove common stains, but deeply embedded stains, like carbon pollution stains require other techniques using various blasting granules

Other services include paint removal from sandstone

If your seeking a sandstone cleaner in Sydney Eastern Suburbs and the Inner West areas get in touch with me, either call, sms or email, if possible send me a few photos so i can help get an idea of the actually job to give an instant quote.

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  • Sydney City Library Haymarket Branch Sandstone Building Washing Cnr of Hay and George St
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